Since 1996, the Methodists Helping Methodists Fund has connected the investments of Methodists to provide competitive loans for churches. In 2010, the Foundation realized it could only fund very small loans for projects like boilers and roofing projects. In response, it formed a new connection with the Texas Methodist Foundation, Wesleyan Impact Partners and other United Methodist Foundations across the country. “Instead of turning away qualifying churches in need of larger loans, we cultivated innovative partnerships with other United Methodist Foundations. As a result, we’re now able to provide financing for everything from boiler projects to brand new buildings,” says Executive Director, Kristi Kinnison.

Five years ago, Parker United Methodist Church needed to refinance their loan. In choosing a financing solution, Dan O’Neil, Chair of Finance at Parker UMC, felt Methodists Helping Methodists was a perfect fit. “The sense of security, terms of the loan, flexibility and expansive knowledge of the staff provided a sense of trust and comfort that couldn’t be found elsewhere,” said Dan. But the loan amount was too much for the Methodists Helping Methodists Fund alone. Instead of turning the church away, the Foundation teamed up with Wesleyan Impact Partners.

“Here at the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation, we feel passionately that you can do greater things when you partner with others,” Executive Director, Kristi Kinnison. “Combining resources with other Foundations has substantially increased our capacity to fund larger projects like Parker UMC, so that the church can continue to focus more on cultivating a community centered around serving God.”

Today, Parker UMC continues to be  a cornerstone of love for all of God’s people in the town of Parker, Colorado. Whether it’s providing daily enrichment for 350 preschool children or offering a space for Alcohol Anonymous to gather, Parker UMC is committed to serving their community. Having the right lending partner is critical for maintaining the mission of the Church. The Foundation connected Methodists and their investments from across the country to help Parker UMC to achieve their goals.

God calls upon us to come together in community and to pool our resources for the greatest possible impact. Engaging with the Methodists Helping Methodists Fund offers a unique, faith-driven approach to impact investing, allowing you to experience this sense of community and continue to grow closer to God.

We are actively seeking Methodist investors to help further our ability to serve, nurture and secure the work of churches. Big or small, capital investment comes from Methodists in the pews and we need your help. Decide to become a Methodist helping other Methodists by making your investments count.