The Millionaire in the Pew

The Millionaire in the Pew presents a new and unique approach to funding ministry and mission. Russell Wilson asserts that there is untapped wealth in the Church that could be harvested. He believes that clergy and religious leaders possess many of the qualities of highly successful professional fundraisers. He also believes that if they can overcome the taboo of dealing with money and fundraising, they can raise millions of dollars for the Church. The Millionaire in the Pew argues that fundraising is a very spiritual practice.

Two phenomena are converging that make this such a timely and critical book: One is the current crisis in funding churches. The other is the so-called Trillion-Dollar Transfer; In the next decade or so, the Baby Boomers will be passing their assets in the billions onto their offspring. The Trillion-Dollar Transfer presents a huge opportunity for the Church. Clergy and religious leaders are in a unique position to take this unique opportunity to advance their churches.


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