Stewardship in African-American Churches

When the church embraces the responsibility of living as faith managers of God’s vast resources, the community of faith will prosper. So begins this practical and theological study of stewardship, both in the context of the African-American church tradition and beyond. After all, a systematic approach to stewardship undergirds the ministry and mission of the church universal. As an experienced stewardship consultant, Amerson draws upon his experience to help churches develop a theology of generosity, define stewardship leadership roles, celebrate the offering each week, and establish endowment giving. While recognizing still-relevant traditions, he also points to newer tactics and strategies convenient to both members and congregations including electronic giving, contribution statements, and year-end giving. A highlight of the book is Amersons explanation of the development of a narrative budget/narrative spending plan. He also writes about stewardship education at multiple levels. Stewardship in African-American Churches is a solid resource for financial stewardship education. 


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