Dearest Pastors and Church Leaders,

Professional fundraisers know how to raise money – and pastors are expected to be professional fundraisers in addition to theologian, therapist, business manager, politician, motivational speaker, and exemplary model citizen. We know there is a lot on a pastor’s plate.

Here are four new fast resources to help turn the switch from Lack to Abundance:  If you don’t have time for these educational opportunities, then delegate these resources to your church leaders and ask them to report on them at the next council meeting. We promise that these educational opportunities through webinars and quick reads, when implemented, will make all the difference in turning around your church from scarcity mentality to abundance thinking.

Grant Writing 101: The Basics for Church Leaders: August 6th at 5:30 pm MDT
Funding your Mission: Coming out strong in the Fourth Quarter: Sept 12th, 5:30 pm MDT
New Book:  One-Minute Stewardship by Charles Cloughen Jr. 
Clif Christopher Webinar: God vs. Money: October 24th 5:30 pm MDT

If you need some good books to read, or want insight on programs that have had the most success, call the Foundation, we have scores of programs and fundraising books in our library and we are happy to send you a copy of something that is right for your church – FREE. But we can’t learn it, read it, or do it for you and your church leaders. These techniques sometimes require a shift in thinking and an uncomfortable change in tradition. Successful church fundraising that worked 30 years ago may not necessarily work in today’s context. Visit our Stewardship Resources page, too!

Choose to think of your finances in the same way that you understand the abundance of God’s love for all. There is enough to go around, we just have a distribution problem.

In God’s Service,
Kristi Kinnison, Executive Director, YOUR Mountain Sky UM Foundation