About The Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation

Our Vision

Our highest priority is the success of those we serve. If they are successful then, by 2025, we will be the leading faith-based financial foundation in the Mountain Sky area, missionally serving everyone related to the Methodist Movement through education, programs, and products consistent with the Methodist tradition.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve, nurture and secure religious, educational, and benevolent programs related to the Methodist movement.

Our Core Values

  • Spirit-Led and Mission Driven
  • Biblically Focused in our Stewardship
  • Inclusive in our Outreach
  • Responsive and Adaptable
  • Responsibile and Accountable in all our Fiduciary Responsibilities

Established in 1987

The Foundation’s predecessor organizations were established by the United Methodist Annual Conferences of Yellowstone in 1996, and of Rocky Mountain in 1987, as recommended by the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church paragraph 2513 for the purpose of securing and conserving gifts for the future of all United Methodist churches and agencies of the Conferences. The Mountain Sky United Methodist Foundation was founded by a merger of these two foundations (Yellowstone Conference United Methodist Foundation and Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation) in 2018. The Foundation serves Methodists in these states of the Mountain Sky Conference: Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and one county in Idaho.

Our highest core value is the success of the churches and faith communities we serve.

Doing all the good we can in all the places we can.

Spirit Led and Mission Driven
Prayerfully led by the Spirit of God, we are driven by the Foundation’s mission of making the way for justice and mercy in the tradition of John Wesley’s Social Holiness Movement.

Biblical Stewardship
All we have comes from God and belongs to God. We will be stewards of human, physical and financial resources with mindfulness of the abundance of God’s love and provision for all people, so all these resources will multiply in value and provide the power of the gospel to all ministries.

Our Outreach will be Inclusive
We conduct all our activities without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or physical disability, or the size of the church or faith community, and understanding that marginalized communities have historically had limited access to financial tools.

Responsive and Adaptable
We are ready to respond to changes in the expression of our churches and faith communities and committed to adapt proactively to changes in their circumstances and needs.

Accountable Fiduciary Responsibilities
All we do will benefit the ministries we serve. We cherish the legal and ethical relationship of trust our clients have with us. We will prudently care for their financial resources in their best interests, with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Our Service leads to Success
Therefore, we commit all our efforts to the success of the churches and faith communities we serve. We will answer the call to serve the world in all the ways we can, hoping to inspire others to do the same. By God’s grace, we will bring the infinite possibilities of God’s great dreams into reality.

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