Eight years ago, Pierce United Methodist Church received the first grant award from the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation. Today, the church food bank has added three freezers and now serves 100 families per month, a 61% increase. They continue to be a beacon of hope and love in their community.

Pierce United Methodist Church is located in rural, Northeastern Colorado. In 2014, the church was serving 62 families per month. No food banks in the community were offering fresh food to the hungry. The church leaders viewed this as an opportunity to do better. They needed to add a refrigerator to the food bank.

Church leaders were delighted to learn about a new grant program from the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation. Together, the Foundation and the church leaders found a way to buy two commercial refrigerators. Originally, they thought they could only afford one. The impact in this community was profound.

The Foundation recognized that this church is filled with problems solvers that look at what they can do, rather than what they can’t. During COVID-19 shutdowns, many churches had to close their food banks. But Pierce United Methodist Church found a way to keep their food bank open. Instead of making people walk down steps to the basement to get food, they now deliver the food to cars.

Pastor Buzz reflected on the importance of this vital work in Pierce, Colorado and surrounding area, “Our food bank makes people get out of their house and connect with others. We say hi and ask how they are doing and they let us know. For some, the food gets them by for the rest of the month.”

About half are senior citizens who just don’t make enough on social security to pay for everything. The other half are families with two or more kids, and they just need a little help. One of the volunteers takes great joy in seeking out these children, and always gives a little treat, like M&Ms or suckers. The joy is mutual, because the children look for him, too!

The food comes from Weld County Food Bank; some is donated and the church pays per pound for the rest. During the holidays, the church often receives special donations to support this vital work. These donations help provide toys for the children and warm clothes for those in need. Many givers, visitors and members, earmark donations for the food bank. Pastor Buzz says its easy to keep track of this using QuickBooks.

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