FAQ: What Is a Letter of Intent (For Stock Donations) and Why Do I Need One?

If you have donated securities to your church through the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation, you will need to complete a Letter of Intent.

Someone from your church may have asked us if or when we have received your donation. Without your instructions that specify what you donated and where to send the proceeds, we are cannot confirm any information.

We receive donations frequently, and at any particular moment, we may have several unidentified. The originator of the donation may be lost in the electronic transfer, so to be sure we match the donation with the donor, we ask for more identifying information through a letter of intent.

If you have sent us some securities, please fill out the electronic letter of intent so that we can match up what we have received with your donation and properly direct the proceeds.

Click here to verify the instructions you gave your broker and to fill out the letter of intent (Step 3 at the bottom of the page).

We are grateful for your generosity and good stewardship.