FAQ: How Do I Donate Stock To My Church?

Donating appreciated stocks or securities is an amazing way to fulfill your annual pledge and donate to your favorite charities.

  • You do not have to pay capital gains. Therefore, by reducing income, you will pay less income tax.
  • You may report the stock’s appreciated value on the day you donated it as a charitable donation, and if you itemize, this will reduce your tax bill. Your tax preparer will help you determine the exact value to use.

The Foundation serves as the vessel for these donations. We have a brokerage account for this sole purpose which eliminates the need for churches to maintain their brokerage accounts. We exist to serve and do not benefit from these transactions. All net proceeds from the sale of the securities are directed to the donor’s intended United Methodist church, agency or mission. Click here to learn more and to alert us about your donation so that we can quickly send the proceeds to your selected church, ministry, or mission. Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.