How do I create a new investment for myself?

Thank you for your interest in creating a new investment for yourself. Interest rates remain strong, so now is a good time to lock in your rate! Fixed-Rate Investments (12-60 months) are managed by the Methodists Helping Methodists Fund. While your investments earn interest, the money is hard at work, providing capital to make affordable loans to churches.

To open a Fixed-Rate Investment for yourself, please fill out the Subscription Agreement. All owners of this investment will need to sign the paperwork. You can mail a check with your paperwork, or you can direct us to transfer the money for your initial deposit electronically; indicate this on your Subscription Agreement. Checks should be made payable to Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation.

Be sure to provide your canceled check with your paperwork to electronically transact new deposits or payments.
Beneficiary info: If Beneficiary information is left blank, then the funds will go to “The Estate of…” the last survivor. It is okay to specify a trust or a charitable organization like your church as the beneficiary. We don’t need all of the beneficiary’s information, like Social Security Number, for example, but that will help speed up the process when the time comes. You can always provide this at a later time, so don’t delay your investment if all you have is the name. If you name someone, that will bypass any other estate documents and go directly to the person(s) you specified.

When ready, mail, fax, or email paperwork to:
Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation
7350 E Progress Pl, Ste 108
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Fax: 303-777-6292

Of course, you can always drop by our office in person. (M-Th 9-4, F 9-12)
We would love to greet you in person!

We look forward to serving you and stewarding your investments.