Donate Securities

To your Church, Ministry or Organization

The Foundation is a service agency incorporated to help the churches of the Conference with your gifts. These gifts could include money, stocks, bonds, or other investments. Your generous donations help grow God’s Kingdom!

The Foundation has a brokerage account already established which eliminates the need for churches of the Conference to have such accounts. We receive up to a 25% discount on the broker’s fees. The Foundation exists to serve and does not benefit from these transactions.

All cash donations and net proceeds from the sale of the securities are directed to the donor’s intended Methodist church, agency or mission.

How To Donate Securities To your Church, Ministry or Organization


  • Step 1: Click here to complete the Letter of Intent.
  • The information in this form will tell us which church or agency will receive a check AND enable us to provide the proper IRS acknowledgment for your gift.
  • (NOTE: Without the Letter of Intent, your donation will be
    delayed. Information about who the donor is or where to send the proceeds is lost in the
    electronic transfer process.)
  • Step 2: Tell your broker or custodian to electronically transfer the securities to the Methodists
    Helping Methodists Foundation:
    Foundation’s Broker: Paul Kullback, phone: 720-213-3110
    100 Crosby Pkwy
    Covington KY 41015
    Clearing Broker # (Also known as DTC#) 0226
    Account # B7Y001180
    Account Name: Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation
    Account Address: 7350 E Progress Pl Ste 108, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • Step 3: You will receive a letter from us after we have the proceeds from the sale of the stock.
  • This usually takes about 10-14 days and can take longer in the case of some bonds, mutual
    funds, or utility stocks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: 303-778-
    6370 or

What Happens Next?

When the securities are sold, the Foundation will acknowledge the donor with a charitable gift receipt that meets IRS requirements. We will contact the church to send the proceeds of the sale to the church. We will also inform the church of the donor’s intention about how to use the donation as described in the donor’s Letter of Intent.

Thank you for your generous donations!
The Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 Colorado non-profit organization.

*The Foundation reserves the right to approve the intended recipients, making sure that the donor’s wishes are in alignment with the
mission of the Foundation. Securities will be sold on the next available settlement day as soon as the Foundation is made aware of the
transfer. The Foundation will inform the donor of the total settlement of securities that are donated, however donors should consult
with their tax advisor or CPA to determine the allowable charitable deduction for tax purposes. The Foundation is not responsible for a
sudden increase or decrease in value of securities and/or the timing of when securities are sold.