RAWLINS, WYOMING: Dr. Earl Crum, a faithful member of the Rawlins United Methodist Church, took great pleasure in collaborating with the trustees to preserve the gardens, mow the lawns, and ensure that the watering and irrigation systems were functioning properly. He believed that the first impression of the church was shaped by its external appearance. Driven by his desire to provide a stunning landscape for God’s house, he diligently carried out these tasks over the years.

As Dr. Crum aged, he realized that he would be unable to continue performing physical labor, and thus, in 1998, he and his family established a trust with the foundation as a testament to their devotion to the church. The trust’s purpose was for “lawn watering, landscaping and maintaining the grounds around the church” and this objective remains unchanged today.

Despite the church’s struggles, they were unable to use the trust’s funds for other purposes since the legal contract could not be broken. The Foundation had a requirement to protect the principal and send annual payments. When the church combined with another congregation to establish the Rawlins Cooperative Parish, the trust followed the merger.

​​Thanks to the trust established by Dr. Crum and his family, his legacy lives on. On May 15th, the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation will transfer the annual payment from the trust to the church and as a result, God’s Church in Rawlins, Wyoming will have the means to continue tending to their landscape, making for another beautiful summer.

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