Planned Giving Education

Planned Giving means making gifts to charity that requires a little more planning than writing a check or using your credit or debit card. While monthly and annual gifts usually come from a person’s recurring income, a planned gift usually comes from accumulated assets, like stocks, life insurance, retirement accounts, or an estate at the end of life.

In 2008, Charitable contributions reported totaled $307.5 billion; of that total, $299 billion was gifted by individuals. It is interesting to note that religious organizations were the largest recipient of that $307.5 billion. Religious organization received $106 billion or 25% of all contributions reported in 2008. Source: Giving USA 2009.

Therefore, as recommended by the United Methodist Church 2016 Book of Discipline, it is critical that every church have an endowment fund and provide ongoing seminars and educational materials to church members on how they can effectively give to their United Methodist Church and better provide for their families.

Educating Church Members

The Foundation maintains a website of resources for educating church members on planned giving opportunities. The resources can be obtained by utilizing our Planned Giving web page

The Foundation also provides educational seminars on various planned giving topics. Our free one-hour consultations with individuals help them to explore their possibilities. For more information on services to individuals, go to