Investment Fund Management

The Foundation values sustainable investment methods that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ALL investments are positioned to be in alignment with principles of John Wesley’s social holiness movement.

Four Socially Responsible Investment Funds

The Foundation serves as a fiduciary for investors. Each highly diversified investment fund has different objectives, risk, and time-horizons for churches, agencies, and institutions to consider. Entities can participate in one or more investment funds to achieve an investment strategy to fit its unique circumstances.

  • The Balanced Fund is a “fund of funds” and holds a pre-specified allocation of domestic and international stocks, bonds, commodities, and cash.
  • The Fixed Income Fund invests primarily in government and corporate bonds
  • The Equity Growth Fund maintains an actively managed portfolio of domestic and international stocks.
  • The Short Term Cash Fund is positioned for liquidity, similar to a money market fund. Underlying investments are through local bank money market and/or repurchase agreements and socially responsible church development funds.

*The Investment Opportunity Booklet provides full disclosure on policy, performance, portfolios, and procedures on the Balanced, Fixed Income, Equity Growth, and Short Term Cash Funds. The Foundation’s Investment Committee uses professional investment managers and monitors their performance closely. Learn more about our investment managers, Wespath Investment Management and Davidson Investment Advisors.

Methodists Helping Methodists Fund

The Methodists Helping Methodists Fund is the official Development Fund of the Mountain Sky Annual Conference. Established in 1961 and growing strong, the Fund has been connecting investors with churches through competitive time deposits that provide capital for loans to churches.

Invest in accounts which offer interest rates competitive to CDs and Money Markets. Watch a recorded webinar to learn more about this opportunity.

  • Variable-Rate savings
  • Fixed-Rate deposits

*The Methodists Helping Methodists Fund Investment option is offered through an Offering Circular which fully discloses risks, policies, management, and other issues. You can download it here or call the Foundation office at 303-778-6370 or email the office at