Paperless, no signature required transfer and withdrawal process

Mountain Sky United Methodist Foundation is implementing an easier way
to make withdrawals or transfers of investments.

Our two-signature process for withdrawals is not practical with the corona virus lock-down. We do not want people to pass papers around to collect signatures and make withdrawals. At the same time, we continue to protect the assets that we manage.

  1. Traditional method – modified to limit paper handling
    1. Withdrawal and Transfer requests must begin with the online forms – anyone can fill this
      out, save as an Adobe pdf, and email to the authorized signers.
    2. If able, authorized signers may print the document
    3. Sign their name and date.
    4. Then fax (303-777-6292), scan/email ( or mail the forms to our office. You can take a picture with your smart phone if you don’t have a scanner.
    5. If 2 signatures are required, we will pair up the forms. Signers may each sign their own form and we will put them together as we receive them. We will not release money until all required signatures are received and verified.
  1. Optional email method, no printing required
    1. Withdrawal and Transfer requests must begin with the online form – anyone can fill this
      out, save as an Adobe pdf, and email to the authorized signers.
    2. Authorized signers may forward the email indicating their approval with the attached form to the foundation office. We may call to confirm if there is any uncertainty on our end.
    3. The email must come from the personal email belonging to the authorized signer’s record.
    4. Corporate emails, like or, will NOT be accepted as an authorized signer if using this process.
  1. Optional, phone method
    1. Call the office and make the request for withdrawal or transfer.
    2. Tell us the names, current emails and phone numbers of the authorized signers we should contact.
    3. We will independently verify the phone number of record and contact the authorized signer to gain verbal approval.

Click here for the latest news from the foundation regarding your investments and other helpful ways your church can continue its ministry with enough financial resources.

We are still open for phone call 303-778-6370, fax 303-777-6292, and emails