Arbor Day is a great opportunity for your church to create a “Green Team” committee or tap into “green” individuals who want to be proactive stewards of our planet. By instituting more energy efficient practices into your church, you can save money, run more efficiently and conserve resources. 

This Arbor Day consider including the following announcement in your church bulletin, congregation announcement or social media channel (feel free to use the resources below)

Announcement for Your Bulletin: 

Honor Arbor Day by donating to the Energy Efficiency Improvement Trust that was created by two church members who were focused on helping churches run more efficiently, conserve resources, and reduce the mark that we leave on the planet.

Please consider donating to the Energy Efficiency Improvement Trust through your Green Team committee or through an individual contribution. In keeping with a symbolic biblical number, we’re seeking donations of $50 or more to help build the Trust. If you would like to help your church community reduce pollution, protect our life-sustaining ecosystems and conserve resources for future generations, donate here. This Arbor Day instead of planting a tree, plant a seed toward a greener community.


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