Lower Stress for Pastors: $250 at a Time

31 Active Pastors have taken advantage of the $250 stress relief grant, representing only 10% of clergy who could use this money.

This is NOT about fundraising, but instead, the lives and well-being of Clergy.

Here is what some had to say:

  • “Having a little extra to pay for a few more counseling sessions is a wonderful gift.”
  • “With your support I can continue counseling when I thought I would have to pause for a financial break.”
  • “I was struggling so much, and it’s been such an outlet for my grief. I want to be able to share that experience with other people.”
  • “Wow!  This is such a great offer, I have just signed up for a retreat and was not sure how to pay for it, but now I know.”
  • “Thank you for your grace and support for the $250 as we continue to navigate these Covid waters.”

Trauma. Burnout. Exhaustion. Early Retirement. I just want this pandemic to end! These are words we have heard from pastors.

In response, the Foundation reserved $250 for every active, Methodist pastor in the Mountain Sky region.

The money is for pastors to receive care for stress, find renewal, heal, and be refreshed so that they can continue to live into their calling.

THE FINE PRINT:  Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation will pay active clergy up to $250 for time with a qualified counselor or coach, or a program focusing on renewal. No list of approved people or programs – the pastors should choose what is best for their needs. Simply email info@MHMFN.org or mail* an invoice to pay, or a paid receipt. No other information required. No forms to fill out. No goals to write. Just an invoice or a receipt.

Confidentiality promise:  All information regarding who benefits from this will be kept in confidence.

*Send invoices or receipts to info@mhmfn.org
or mail to Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation
7350 E Progress Pl, Ste 108
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation is a qualified IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving, nurturing and securing the ministries of the Methodist movement in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Lemhi County Idaho.